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    作者:?楊超月 發布時間:?2020年09月05日 15:41:19

    公司介紹 法國電力集團公司(Electricité de France)成立于1946 年,于2005 年11 月成功在法國上市(法國國有控股87%),是一家能源生產與經營上下游業務一體化的企業,涵蓋發電、輸電、配電、能源交易和能源銷售等各個環節。集團依 靠協同效應拓展國際業務,堅持合作并與所在國可持續發展方向一致。 法國電力集團2008 年主要數據:歐洲發電裝機容量為1.248 億千瓦,其中法國裝機容量為9840 萬千瓦(核電6310 萬千瓦,占64.2%;水電2040 萬千瓦,占20.8%;火電等非核電1480 萬千瓦,占15%)法國全年發電量為4839 億千瓦時,其中核電占86.3%;營業額為643 億歐元,凈利潤為34 億歐元;在全球擁有3810 萬用戶. 法國電力公司在中國:1984 年擔任大亞灣核電站建設的技術總承包。1994 年在北京成立代表處,加強了與中國在核電、水電、火電、輸配電及培訓等方面的合作。2002 年在北京設立亞太地區總部。投資包括:法國電力公司90 年代在中國參與燃煤發電,發電機組的總裝機容量達3720 兆瓦,權益裝機容量1308 兆瓦,其中包 括廣西來賓B 電廠(2 X 36 萬千瓦,法國電力公司100%持股)和山東中華發電有限公司 (300 萬千瓦,法電占19.6%的股份)。2009 年11 月廣東臺山核電廠一期工程已獲國務院批準,12 月商務部批準了建立合資合營公司 。臺山核電一期兩臺EPR 核電機 組,項目總裝機3500 兆瓦,其中法國電力集團公司占30%,權益裝機1050 兆瓦。 A European energy leader with a worldwide presence The EDF (Electricité de France)Group was built in 1946. It is a public company (85% sate, 15% listed in France) which integrates engineering, operation, transmission and distribution activities. Internationally developed, the EDF Group intends to reconcile performance and sustainable development in all the countries where it is present. Key figures of EDF Group in 2008 124.8GW total installed capacity in Europe, including 98.4GW in France: nuclear 63.1GW (64,2 %), hydro 20.4GW (20,8 %), fossil-fired 14.8GW (15 %)); In France, EDF produced 483.9TWh per year, including 86.3% from nuclear;??4.3 billion in revenues, ?.4 billion in net income; 38.1 million customers worldwide. EDF in China In 1984, EDF became the technology contractor of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station construction; in 1994, the representative office was set up in Beijing for stepping up with China in nuclear, hydro, fossil-fired, transmission and distribution and training. In 2002, EDF Asia-Pacific Branch was set up in Beijing. EDF’s investment in companies operating coal-fired power plants with a total installed capacity of 3,720MW and equity installed capacity of 1,308MW makes it the leading foreign investor in electricity generation in China. EDF has also developed partnerships enabling it to take part in new technological developments in the field of nuclear, coal-fired, hydro and renew energy power facilities. EDF Investments in China: Laibin B Power Plant (2 X 360MW ? EDF holds 100%), Shandong Zhonghua Power Co.Ltd. (3000MW, EDF holds 19.6%), EDF holds 20% of Beijing United Gas Engineering and Technology (BUGET). Guangdong Taishan nuclear power project: On 26th November 2007, EDF has signed the agreement with China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Co. Ltd to establish a joint venture, to build and operate two third-generation EPR nuclear power units in Taishan, Guangdong province. On 10th August 2008, all agreements related to the JV creation have been finalize